An Educated Illiterate Hello to you my savvy readers, fans, followers and viewers. You have been such great support and inspiration on my Facebook page, instagram and the many many social media platforms where we hang out together.

see Let’s get to it. Is it possible to be educated and illiterate at the same time? Well…I never really knew that was possible. Despite all that I know, I still have an element of naivety in me…don’t we all.

enter site What I’m referring to here when I say illiterate isn’t to do with academic literacy per se. My brain is thinking about how a person can acquire so much academic qualifications and accolades and still remain financially illiterate!!!

source url I know someone like that. Earning huge rates of pay on a daily basis, with not a pot to piss in. It’s shocking, to say the least. On the other hand, I also know someone who has absolutely no formal academic qualification whatsoever, who puts me to shame when it comes to their level of financial literacy – they’ll wipe the floor with me…literally.

source site As I like to keep everything I do very simple, I will leave you with just 1 thought – or perhaps another question to which I don’t have the answer….I’ll never claim to know everything there is to know about money. Is it better to be academically literate, but financially illiterate or financially literate and academically illiterate?

Let’s have a debate about it and feel free to leave your comments.

Until next time, be good and keep smiling my savvy, stylish and sexy community.

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Living On Credit

I just can never understand why anyone would want to live like that??!!

I struggle to get my head around anyone using their credit card for their weekly grocery shopping…and then spend a lifetime paying for food which no longer serves any purpose to you.

Yes…you have eaten it and flushed it down the toilet a long time ago.

Living off a credit card is a  catalyst to any type of financial freedom.


Technically, living off of your credit card will help with your credit storing, but what happens after that? You obtain more credit and the vicious cycle continues. 

Developing a habit of spending your own money (debit card) is the precursor to spending better.

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Top “Ss” Of Money – Your Opinion Counts

Top "Ss" Of Money - Your Opinion Counts

Top “Ss” Of Money – Your Opinion Counts

Hello my savvy community and I hope that you are having a great day so far.

It’s been a pretty busy day for me periscoping and doing Facebook Live videos as well. I never knew how tiring it can get doing all this stuff on social media – the life of a #solopreneur….

As it’s always best to give you great content that you want, I will be releasing an infomercial product giving you snazzy, spunky and sharp-witted ways to financially attract Mr or Mrs Right. Continue reading


Save Like The Wealthy Do

Save Like The Wealthy Do

Save Like The Wealthy Do

Hello my savvy stylish saving community. Welcome to my blog where I teach you simple, savvy, stylish and sexy how-to solutions to money matters.

It’s quite simple. The rich and famous pay themselves a salary.

Do the same – it’s called your SAVINGS OR INVESTMENT.

Now you know how the self-made millionaires make their money work hard for them. 

How much should you pay yourself? Where should you invest the money? I can read your minds.

Again, SIMPLE. Open yourself a cheapie easy access bank account. Set up an automatic payment to leave the account immediately after your salary hits your bank account – and this goes into the cheapie account.

Now, forget about and let’s deal with something else.

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