Best Kept Secret To Spending Better


Hello again my savvy community.  How have you been lately?

So today, I’ll be talking about spending with a PURPOSE

I hear you saying that you just cannot save or invest..well…I’ll let you into a few secrets of mine.

So what does spending with a purpose mean?

It means that you are mentally ready to take your ish to the next #level  – and so it’s imperative to shop or spend with an intention. If we break this down to a very simplistic discussion, you need to leave your home with a list – hard copy or mental.

Now, stick with what you have on that list. Infact, as you are walking around the store or shop, mutter under your breath the items you are shopping for.

Remember to stay FOCUSED and make your purchase at a time when the shops aren’t so busy – it helps to keep at bay the enticement  of PURPOSELESSLY  spending  just because everyone else in the store is leaving with 10  carefully constructive and attractive bags.

It is so not worth keeping up with the Jones’ if your coat isn’t the same size as theirs.

Spend Better, Shop With A Purpose.

Until the next post, I’m out of here, but please don’t forget to show your support.


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