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Oh, by writing this blog, I’m stepping out of the code of conduct of my niche – if there exist such a code. What the heck? Let’s get on with it.

The blog has been up and running from the start of this year….and I only have 1 follower….grrrh…what am I doing wrong?


The pitch is good, although it isn’t perfect – but that can be tidied up later. So, why do I hear crickets?

When the techy problems start, they come in large numbers. They take days to be sorted out…although I could probably have sorted it out myself – what do you expect from an AUTODIDATCIST!!!!

It’s just a fancy word for self learning.

Be careful with those links!! And as for those plug ins, they are like dinosaurs lurking in the bushes, ready to pounce and corrupt your entire blog.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your host will have their hands tied…they cannot touch 3rd party property.

You may loose followers when you suddenly realise that a free platform doesn’t quite cut it…and the new platform doesn’t want to play ball either.


Lord knows that I never forget my CTA script….yes, there are many acronyms in the world of blogging. At times and for me,  CTA basically stands for Can’t Take Anymore.

Listen people, apparently Google is going to start to name and shame those without a SSL….I haven’t quite checked out what SSL stands for. All I know is that a SSL is like a bank who transports its money in a wheelbarrow rather than an armour vehicle.

I hope you enjoyed the blog today. See you in the next one.

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